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Frequently Asked Questions

Our maximum labor charge for in-shop repairs is $125

  • Do I need a new computer?

            Most computer problems are software related, meaning it can be fixed by an experienced technician which only incurs labor costs. Other common problems might be a failed power supply or hard drive which usually cost less than $200. We always tell you upfront what cost of the repair will be.

  • Will tablets run the same programs as my PC?

            Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets run Windows 8.1 and will run any Windows program. Older Microsoft tablets sometimes run Windows RT (now discontinued and unsupported) and can only run apps from the Windows Store. The iPad will not run programs that have been designed for the Mac OSX.

  • What is a harddrive?

            This stores the Windows operating system files required for your PC to function properly and just as importantly, your files (pictures, music, documents, etc.). If you hear clicking or grinding sounds from your computer, you should *turn it off immediately* and consult a professional. The lifespan of a harddrive varies greatly. We've seen them fail as soon as 2 years and as long as 10 years. The harddrive in laptops fail more frequently due to less ventilation and being susceptible to bumps and shock.

  • What is Data Recovery?

            This is often confused with simply transferring data files to a new computer. True data recovery involves recovering accidentally deleted files, or copying files off of a corrupted or failing harddrive. If you need to recovery deleted files it is extremely important to not to use your computer (i.e., turn it off) until the data recovery can be performed.

  • What is malware?

            Malware is a broad term used to describe viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, etc. In a nutshell, it is a program(s) that you didn't intentionally install which typically slows down your computer and potentially steals your sensitive information.

  • What are the best free AntiVirus programs?

            AVG and AVAST both provide free versions of their antivirus software which are suitable for most consumers. They can be downloaded from Filehippo   Keep in mind that you can only have one antivirus program installed.

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